Founded in 2000, Velti is a leading provider of innovative mobile-centric marketing, customer retention and content based solutions trusted globally by hundreds of mobile operators, brands and media groups. Our constantly evolving solutions enable our clients to actively engage with their customers through highly targeted (personalized) campaigns that enhance customer loyalty creating brand awareness and engagement and resulting in increase of their revenues.

Through our leading proprietary end-to-end mobile marketing platform and its adaptive analytic recommendation modules our customers can reliably use mobile and traditional media to plan, manage, and optimize mobile marketing campaigns, run customer retention programs and offer innovative content solutions, reaching targeted consumers and converting them into customers. We have worked with hundreds of mobile operators and brands around the world to deliver high-quality, industry-leading mobile marketing solutions to consumers.

With presence in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, Velti supports its customers with highly experienced teams that deliver marketing initiatives through the mobile channel.

VELTI’s credo

Velti is committed to harnessing the power of mobile technology to enable personalized communication, build lifelong connections and drive value for its customers and consumers alike. Combining its innovative technology and unique business expertise with the power of today's data science, Velti makes it possible, as never before, to deliver on the promise of truly individualized brand relationships, spanning the full customer lifecycle.

We believe that success is driven by constant innovation and change. To maintain our competitive edge in a fast growing and ever-evolving industry, we continue our strong commitment to research and development and we invest in the latest technology trends, enhancing our products and solutions with sophisticated, artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning and data-based modelling methods, which turn raw data to dynamic, actionable customer knowledge. By making data science an essential part of our solutions, we can now help our customers respond in real time to individual end customer needs and communicate more meaningfully, delivering to them greater value and driving remarkable return on investment. That means our campaigns become more relevant and targeted than ever before, with higher impact.

We also believe that a collaborative, creative culture, where every employee feels inspired to innovate and achieve is essential for our success, so we invest in the creation of a challenging, dynamic working environment, which encourages innovation and offers a versatile learning experience to our people as well as significant opportunities for advancement.

Above all, we believe in delivering results for our clients, helping them to attract more customers and maximize their lifetime value.

We know that success is based on creativity, effort and continuous innovation and hold ourselves accountable to constantly improving our value proposition and delivering the most effective solutions that drive results.