Put your brand in your customer's hand with mobile-driven marketing


Build experiences to connect with shoppers and convert them into life-long brand advocates.

  • Not just for phone calls anymore

    Mobile phones have quickly become a virtual store, a showroom and a catalogue, all rolled into one. Velti helps the world's leading retailers harness mobile to transform browsing into buying, communication into loyalty and behavioral insight into purchases. Whether a shopper's path begins on a website, a social site or an outdoor display ad, we'll help you deliver the kind of mobile experience that drives results.

  • Powered by Velti® Marketing Platform

    All solutions are delivered using Velti—a high-performance, and highly secure, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform used by many of the world's top brands.

    End-to-End Reporting and Analytics

    Velti® Visualize is a complete reporting platform that dynamically consolidates all campaign elements into an intuitive display of reports and business insights.

  • Data Integration

    Take advantage of your existing investments and integrate your back-end systems to execute a cohesive marketing program. The Velti API makes it easy to access your CMS, CRM, POS systems and more.

    Dedicated Support

    With Velti's unmatched market size and resources, our clients enjoy the support of a full team of mobile experts providing account and project management, 24/7 customer support and mobile program monitoring.

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Delivering retailers valuable customers

The abundance of choice and fragmentation of media channels makes driving customer action and loyalty a challenge. Whether you're looking to increase community memberships, store traffic or purchases, Velti's performance-priced customer acquisition takes advantage of mobile's reach and targeting attributes to deliver you new customers. Contact us today.


Our solutions go beyond mere impressions and clicks to deliver on results tailored to your marketing goals, ensuring you pay for results—not effort.

Mobile Reach and Expertise

We're able to drive volume through our direct access to over 100 billion mobile impressions every month, including but not limited to Velti's own ad exchange. Our deep expertise in interactions from mobile sites to text programs helps you convert this traffic into real business impact.

Fully Managed Solution

From creative and media to post-click destination development, Velti can create and optimize your entire mobile conversion funnel. We'll provide the people, tools and systems—so you can focus on running your business.

Mobile Sites & Applications

From simple product catalogs for in-store shoppers to rich, fully integrated HTML5 enabled m-commerce sites, Velti can develop highly interactive mobile sites and applications to give customers what they need, when they need it and on their preferred channel.

Mobile Community & Messaging

Mobilize traditional marketing assets and communicate directly with your customers around the clock, no matter where they go. By messaging your mobile community, you can deliver the information they need and the offers they'll love. Start building your brand’s mobile community.

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Convert Customers into Lifelong Brand Advocates

Velti's Loyal-Me for Retail helps you develop a customer retention strategy for the multi-screen era. Loyal-Me rewards customers with personalized benefits every time they engage with your brand, whether it's a simple in-store check-in or a social media engagement. Contact us to take your loyalty programs multi-channel today.

We segment your customers based on spend, demographics, attitude and other custom variables to enable a personalization customer experience and rewards.

Customers get to choose when and how they redeem their rewards. We'll work with your vendors to develop the right rewards, or we can manage fulfillment ourselves with our premium partners.

Every customer engagement triggers relevant customer rewards based on their profile and purchases.