Put your brand in your customer's hand with mobile-driven marketing

Mobile Marketing for Mobile Operators

Mobilize your marketing initiatives and build long-term relationships with your customers.

  • Turn the Fickle into the Faithful

    Consumers are notoriously fickle when it comes to mobile operators. Give your customers good reasons to stay with you and reward their usage to maximize ARPU. Our solutions use mobile, social and traditional channels to drive high-value consumer actions from prepaid and post-paid mobile customers.

  • Packages
    customized for you

    Our programs are built to focus on your key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether you want to increase ARPU or deepen customer engagement, our cross-channel programs are customized to meet your strategic goals.

    Solutions to Engage with your Customers

    Velti's mobile solutions are powered by the Velti's marketing platform. This SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform is built to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, including complex billing systems.

  • Full Managed Service

    With Velti's unmatched market size and resources, our clients enjoy the support of a full team of mobile experts. From legal, to project management and rewards fulfillment, our team has executed hundreds of campaigns around the world flawlessly.

    End-to-End Reporting and Analytics

    Our state-of-the-art reporting platform dynamically consolidates all campaign elements into an intuitive display of reports and business insights.

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Delivering new customers to operators

Operators compete in often fragmented channels for the same pool of consumers. With device, location and other forms of targeting, mobile can help you become highly efficient in your acquisition efforts. Velti’s customer acquisition solutions deliver new leads on a performance basis so operators only pay for results rather than marketing effort. Contact us today.


Our solutions go beyond mere impressions and clicks to deliver on results tailored to your marketing goals, ensuring you pay for results—not effort.

Fully Managed Solution

From creative and media to post-click destination development, Velti can create and optimize your entire mobile conversion funnel. We'll provide the people, tools and systems—so you can focus on running your business.

Gamify and Monetize your Massive Audience

From games to contests to polls, Velti's large scale mobile marketing solutions are designed around your marketing goals and fully customized for your audience. Tap into consumers' love of interaction and develop new revenue streams that also add value to your customer's mobile experience. And since we pay for the entire program—even prizes—our campaigns are risk-free.

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Convert Customers into Lifelong Brand Advocates

Fueled by data, Velti's Loyal-Me for Operators is a cross-channel loyalty program developed to change subscriber behavior and drive KPIs that matter to you–including increasing ARPU, NPS, engagement and more. Incorporating rewards for long-term use, users earn points they can redeem for prizes; and personal touches like Happy Birthday messages show customers you care. Contact us to take your loyalty program multi-channel.

We segment your customers based on spend, demographics, attitude and other custom variables to enable a personalized customer experience.

Customers get to choose when and how they redeem their points. We'll work with your vendors to develop the right rewards, or you can let us manage fulfillment with our premium partners.

Tactical, interactive campaigns across channels capture customer preferences and keep them active.