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September 2013   //

Go Mobile: How Banks Can Win Loyal Customers

Mobile insights into consumer behaviors to help meet mobile banking expectations. We dug into the most recent stats on how mobile device owners with bank accounts are using their smartphones to stay in touch with their banks. Surprisingly, 82% of mobile device owners use their ...

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The Supremacy of Mobile Messaging Communications

Insights into mobile messaging and its effectiveness over direct marketing campa ...


Go Mobile: How Brands Can Win In-Store

Mobile insights into consumer behaviors to help brands meet shopper expectations ...


UK Consumer Engagement in the Multi-Screen World

We live in an era where consumers interact with multiple devices and screens throughout the day--tablets, laptops, smart ...


The World of Smart Devices & The UK Market

Curious as we are with the evolution of mobile, we took a closer look at UK's smart device adoption rate in the past...

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Super Bowl XLVII: 49er Fans More Mobile than Ravens Fans

We covered minute-by-minute mobile usage during the Super Bowl this year--check out the data we pulled for the big game...

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iPad Mini: Smaller Screen, Bigger Opportunities (for Advertisers)

We took a look into our data from the Mobclix Exchange to find out how engagement really does differ by device.

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Mobile — The Shop In Your Pocket

We surveyed 3000 UK consumers to find out their attitudes towards branded mobile communications.

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iPhone 5: Costs for Consumers & Developers

While the iPhone 5 improvements are certainly exciting, they also mean many increased costs…

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Which OS Reigns in the UK?

Piggy-backing off of UK's celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 60-year reign, we wanted to…

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How Smartphone Users Plan to Vote: Obama vs. Romney

With the US Presidential race recently heating up between Obama and Romney, we at Velti…

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UK Consumer Appetite for Mobile Marketing

To accompany our Mobile White Book and Total Mobile White Paper presented at our Mobile…

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Mobile Usage During Super Bowl XLVI

According to a nationwide poll released from Velti & Harris Interactive (seen on Mashable)…