At Velti we help brands drive outcomes, not just audiences.


Velti is committed to harnessing the power of mobile technology to transform communication, build connections and drive value for brands and consumers alike. The intimate, always-on mobile channel, combined with the power of today's data science, makes it possible as never before to unify advertising and marketing and deliver on the promise of truly individualized brand relationships spanning the full customer lifecycle.

As this new era dawns, Velti provides leadership with innovative technology, unmatched expertise, and a clear vision for our industry and the communities we serve. Within our organization we live our ideals by focusing on clear and meaningful communication with our customers, our shareholders and our employees, no matter where they are around the globe. 

We believe that change, improvement and success are driven by innovation. To maintain our competitive edge in a fast growing, ever-evolving industry, we must continue to invest in new technology, products and services. That means not only a strong commitment to research and development, but also encouraging a collaborative, creative culture where every employee is inspired to help make Velti more than what we are today. 

Above all, we believe in delivering results, including more customers for our clients, more profit for our shareholders and fulfilling opportunities for advancement for our employees. We know that success is based on effort, and that the tougher the challenge, the more rewarding the achievement. We hold ourselves accountable to driving results; to improving financial performance; to delivering only the most effective and efficient solutions; to constantly improving our value proposition to all our constituents around the world. 

As we work to reinvent marketing for the mobile era, we are guided by the conviction that mobile technology plays a unique and essential role in helping marketers reach new customers, build brand engagement, create lifelong one-to-one relationships and provide more relevant, valuable experiences for consumers.

At the same time, data science is now an essential part of both advertising and marketing, helping brands respond in real time to individual customer needs. Through our commitment to the intelligent use of data, we enable brands to communicate more meaningfully, deliver greater customer value and inspire the behaviors and outcomes that matter for their business.

Our advertising solutions empower brands to find and win new customers by delivering targeted, relevant, and effective campaigns to consumers anywhere, any time, for maximum impact and measurable results.

Our marketing solutions help brands connect with consumers and manage relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. Innovative mobile messaging solutions deepen customer relationships and inspire them to become emotionally connected brand advocates.

Powerful, fully managed customer relationship management solutions help operators and media businesses encourage brand engagement, reduce churn and develop new revenue streams.

By connecting brands with their customers around the world, anywhere, any time, we are realizing the potential of the mobile channel to deliver better business results for brands and better experiences for consumers.